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Thursday, 12 July 2012


There was something about Georgia Jaggers latest shoot in Elle UK that I adored.

Remember when lace was only what old women used as curtains? Then it had it's revival circa 2007 when lace patterns became less "fussy" and more "fashion". Cue the knock-off lace dresses everywhere with a sort of unhealthy shine to their synthetic fabric, well, the same story goes for embellishment. 80's rockers with studded jackets gave way to 90's plastic diamant├ęs and embellishment was given a tacky reputation. Not anymore. Lace has gone back to its dreamy 70's roots. 100% cotton cream lace paired with subtly embellished denim and leather screams feminine force... and this shoot shows it well.

Peace & Love


Stephane Rolland's A/W 12/13 Collection is just beautiful.

The mostly monochrome collection with bursts of floating caramel pieces is sumptuous. 
Above are my three favorites. The feather/textured detailing on otherwise feminine and simple lines is breath-taking and if I were attending an event these 3 would be my go to dresses.

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Welcome Back

I have found myself without a computer for the last few months. However now, i'm back where I am supposed to be- blogging and surfing!

I'm about to fly with my boyfriend to Granada, Spain where my family live and I absolutely can't wait.
And taking into account how pale and strapped for cash I am I have been staring at the ASOS sale for at least the last 2 hours. After rows of clothes I can't afford these little beauties popped up.

ASOS HITCH Patent Wedges with Contrast Footbed


Nineteen pounds. NINETEEN POUNDS?! Did you hear that? I did not dream i'd get my long lusted after sporty double chunk strap white wedges EVER. And with double contrast soles? I. Love. ASOS.


Peace & love